Julie Kaye : London Art Blog

Julie Kaye : London Art Blog

Shepard Fairey Came to London

I met him a couple of times during his visit. It was good to see him working and the party was fun! Although the carisma prize goes to the cameraman with the big moustache ;)


W3 Art Factory Opening Party

Acton is the new Hoxton!

Met the very carismatic Carrie Reichardt :) Love her work! http://carriereichardt.com/









Exploring new techniques

Experimenting and freeing up my style. Having the best time in my studio!



Studio Dog

Her names Rebecca and she took a shine to me. Even though she belongs to one of the other artists she likes to sit with me and follows me around. Very cute!


Black and white photoshoot : London

I use my own photography as resource for my artwork. I am lucky that there are a lot of opportunities in London to get access to models and photo groups. To see the full shoot please vist my flikr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/29648327@N07/



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